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Welcome to Instelligence B.V.

Instelligence converts technological edge within affiliate marketing into customer benefits:
We make affiliate more transparent for publishers and help you achieve the best returns.

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Affiliate package for publishers

Affiliate is now within everyone reach: simply generate more income from your home without specific know-how being required. Instelligence offers a total package consisting of, among others, ready-made affiliate websites, copywriters, stock photos and full online support. You can join straight away, without any knowledge of marketing, programming or the internet being necessary. Be a publisher for big advertisers and earn money immediately with each approved conversion.

Advice and tools for advertisers

There is a lot of competition where promoting your company online is concerned. Affiliate, therefore, is the ideal way to generate more turnover. You simply register at an affiliate network and supply the required promotional content. Instelligence provides you with the required information and puts you into contact with our experts network. Subsequently many different publishers will set about promoting your organisation on the internet.

SPIN sales training

If you use affliliate marketing to generate more leads, these leads will have to be followed up. Clearly, the sound and proper follow-up of valuable leads brings many benefits. Instelligence has the right know-how available to support you in following up leads. We provide in-house sales training courses, both classroom-based and individually. After the training you will be ready to follow up leads in a professional way.

Plan of approach publishers

The first step towards successful advertising is determining the right line of business. Get familiar with the niche markets and preferably promote only one product per website. Experience shows that focusing on one product or line of business is better for your turnover.

The second step consists of choosing twenty different domain names. The domain names chosen are linked to an affiliate website that promotes campaigns. Instelligence ensures that these websites come and stay online.

Step 3 is when your websites are registered with an affiliate network and we explain to you how you can use the network for your campaigns. The affiliate network includes all the advertisers you need to start promoting products.

The fourth step consists of adding texts. You can decide to write them yourself or have one of our copywriters do that for you. Good texts will greatly boost your campaigns, making it easier to find you in Google.

The fifth and last step consists of your websites going online. After this you can expect the first conversions and so start generating income from your affiliate websites.

Plan of approach advertisers

You compile promotional materials such as banners, text links, product feeds and photos. In case of problems compiling these materials Instelligence will be glad to support you.

You subscribe to an affiliate network. The affiliate network includes all the publishers that can start promoting your product. You decide which publishers are permitted to use your promotional materials. You also decide the compensation you offer to publishers. Usually this is a percentage per lead.

After you have subscribed to an affiliate network Instelligence will explain to you how the system chosen works. You can now start advertising and will immediately have more visitors to your website..

The people behind Instelligence B.V.

Together we make affiliate for you possible

Hans had the goal of making affiliate more accessible

Hans van Krieken
Investor and Coordinator

Sonja makes every website unique

Sonja Schwedersky

Roy is a designer and has designed our themes and icons

Roy Dekker

We are looking for driven students!

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Affiliate manager/ Online marketing

Achieved targets

Instelligence BV is extremely satisfied with its activities so far. We have a great team and internal cooperation is beyond expectation. The number of registrations of both publishers and advertisers increases steadily and our new website is proving to be a huge additional boost in all of this.

Target 2017! 156%
100% Complete
Target registrations 70%
70% Complete
Target Collaborations with advertisers 90%
90% Complete

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